Textile machines

Winding kilometres of delicate and fragile thread at very high speed without producing vibration, tears or sudden changes in speed, requires high-precision and a highly reliable technology to ensure accurate speed control.

Rubber and plastic machines

These days the concepts of green and energy saving have become a worldwide movement. Motor ruggedness and its compact design allow it to be used in rough operating conditions; motor overload  capacity and its slick design give it an excellent dynamic response, a well-controlled acceleration and deceleration according to speed and pressure commanded by the system at any given time thus efficiently enhances power efficiency.

High level of diversity in applications and motor performance demands require a wide range of different motor technologies, from AC motors to high torque water cooled servo motors. Chtmotor.com offers a wide range of motor technologies to cover applications in the rubber and plastic machines, including if specified customized solutions.

Packaging and labeling machines

The performance efficiency focus of such machines is based on the accuracy of cut, fold and form. The products are conveyed on the line at very high speeds and undergo various processing operations that often last only a few seconds.

The overall performance of a machine can not disregard the possibility of rapid and accurate calibration that is fundamental in order to guarantee the right parameters of speed, positioning, pressure exerted and synchronisation.

Machines for printing

The final result of the printing process directly shows the consequences of the quality level of the machine movements in terms of speed, accuracy and reliability. All the internal movements have to run and be perfectly synchronised with extremely short start-up times and high operation speeds.

Machine tools

For precision lathes or grinding machines the quality of its product depends upon absolute accuracy of operational movements, minimum vibrations and cogging torque. Motors applied in machine tools require to be compact allowing ease of access for maintenance or tool change.

Woodworking machines

Large industrial plants with high tech automation or small craft working shops share the same specific safety requirements while running, stopping and locking machinery. High quality and accuracy are required whilst demand for reduction in manufacturing time increase.

Food processing machines

The demanding applications in food manufacturing and packaging processes requires high speed and motors controllable to secure synchronisation and accuracy. It also requires the work environment to be hygienic and resistant to frequent wash down situations, sometimes using aggressive chemicals.