Liquid pumps

Pumps operate by some mechanism either reciprocating or rotary and consume energy to perform the mechanical work by moving the fluid. Long running hours for this type of application give an ideal opportunity to improve performance and reduce energy consumption.

The HVAC/R sector represents a substantial part of the electrical consumption of electric motors worldwide. Due to the high share of the global electrical consumption, these applications are under strong focus of world governments for setting efficiency standards for motors only and then for the whole machine (pump or fan plus motor and drive systems).

Fans and ventilation

HVAC/R applications (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning / Refrigeration) have typically a variable demand controlling either air pressure and temperature, water pressure and temperature, etc.. Typically HVAC applications are designed for continuous operation of such applications. Due to the continuous running of HVAC applications the electrical motors installed need to warrant and secure great resistance and high reliability. In HVAC applications the most significant parameter to fulfil will be high efficiency level and energy performance to secure low running cost.

Colling compressors

Widely used method for air conditioning and also used in domestic and commercial refrigeration. Application of a constant torque type with long running hours often at high speeds with speed control. It is an ideal opportunity for efficiency improvement and power consumption reduction.